Before the Internet, if you wanted to pass your English class you had to read a book. And these weren’t those easy to digest Hardy Boys type of books. Oh no. These where the heavy duty ball-busting classics.

Books like A Tale of Two Cities, Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, and every other book that turned English class into a reason for dropping out and pursuing a school-free life of back alley handjobs and blow.

Our kids were at risk, and all they read were those pesky satanic comic books that promoted immorality and violence. If only there was a way to set them straight…

Enter The Living Classics!

A series of some the greatest works of literature, condensed into an easy to read “comic book” that was sure to trick these elementary kids into reading the classics the way their original creators truly intended, by stripping out all the unnecessary bullshit that gets in the way of cramming through that book so you can write that book report on the bus ride over to school.

Finally, little Jimmy could have a firm understanding of that irrelevant novel written by some racist dead white dude and pass that English class with that gloriously good enough C- he so rightfully deserved.