Speaking as a man, when I was in a relationship I would feel a sense of pride when I knew I could provide for the woman I was with at the time. It just felt good to know that I could take care of her.

It was a sense of pride that harkened back to the days when men would go out on the hunt for the wooly mammoth to provide food for the rest of tribe. I was providing for the woman I loved and my inner caveman was proud.

On the flipside of that, I was once in a short relationship with a woman who made more money than me. And when I say more money, I mean a LOT more money. To be honest I felt a little uncomfortable at first. She would take me out to expensive restaurants and pay for everything. I was in a situation where I knew I couldn’t fulfill my primal hunter instincts, and it made me feel like an insignificant gnat.

But I learned the size of my paycheck wasn’t what made me the man in the relationship. It was my ability to stand tall. To take charge of things. To be confident. To roll with the punches when things got down. To be the one she could count on when things get rough. And most important, open that goddamn pickle jar (hurray for upper body strength).

That’s what being a man is all about.