I HATE printers!

I hate printers so goddamn much!

I once owned a printer that stopped printing one day for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to make my life miserable. I tried reinstalling the drivers, checked the connections, the whole nine yards. I then discovered that the printer company would purposefully ensure their printers would “break” after a certain number of pages, forcing you to buy another one.

I didn’t believe any printer company could be THAT deceitful, but I downloaded a piece of software that would wipe the internal printer processor clean so that it would think it was a brand new printer. And wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing printed.

Fuck printers.

I once worked for a company that rented a small corner from this larger company and part of the deal was we could use their office equipment, including their printer. The company we rented the space from ran on Windows, ours ran on Mac. So, of course, our computers had the damndest time communicating with the main office printer. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it didn’t. I spent over a year dealing with that goddamn printer. Eventually, we bought a printer for each and every one of our Macs and plugged it in directly. Problem solved.

Fuck printers.

I bought a wireless printer while over in London, and despite a couple times where I had to reconnect it to my Mac, the thing ran beautifully for almost four years. My hatred for printers diminished. Life was good.

Then I moved to New York…

And of course, I had to buy a printer. So I decide to buy the same type I had in London. Should work, right?

Guess what…

You guessed it.

Fuck printers.

I spent almost five hours trying to get this printer to talk to my Mac. It worked well with my Surface Pro, and even with my Android phone. But my Macbook couldn’t stay connected to it wirelessly.

And when I mean I spent almost five hours on it, I really do mean almost five hours. I had three episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 play in the background while I tackled this chore to get my Mac to talk to this piece of shit printer.

I DID work… but only when I plugged it in via the USB. Which is nice, except it’s supposed to be WIRELESS!

I packed it back up and sent it back to Amazon.

Fuck printers.

So I bought another brand and this one actually talked to my Mac almost right away. It scans, it prints it does what it’s supposed to do! It does still sometimes can’t make a connection, but I discovered that if I disconnect then reconnect the WIFI on my Mac it finds the printer almost right away. No idea why, but it’s a minor inconvenience I’m willing to live with in this ongoing lifetime battle of mine between me and the printers.

Fuck printers.

So tell me guys… how much do you hate printers?