As a kid, I went through a phase where I saw Comic Books as an investment. I would scour the aisles and look for titles I thought had the potential to go up in value. I even bought five copies of Spider-Man 2099 when it was released.

Yup… still waiting to retire on that one.

I eventually stopped doing that (once I realized everyone else had the same idea) and decided to stop chasing the golden egg and just go back to reading comics for fun.

HOWEVER… a few months before the first Transformer movie came out back in 2007, I went to a comic book store and found several copies of the final five issues from the original 80 issue run of Transformers from Marvel comics.

I knew they were relatively hard to find (although not impossible), and guessed that with the upcoming movie coming out there would be a revitalized interest in the franchise. And I was kinda right. They didn’t skyrocket in value, but they did go up enough to satisfy that childhood dream of using comic books as a type of investment.

So tell me, guys. Do you have anything in your collection that has gone up in value? Would you ever consider selling it, or is the thought of parting with it too difficult?