Feeling a little bit down? How about you rub some good feelings off that trophy you got for just showing up? Yeah, as you can tell I’m not a fan of the idea of passing trophies for participation. It’s not even a trophy, it’s proof of attendance.

Do you want to feel a real sense of accomplishment? Go do something!

“But they’re just kids” you say! I say kids need to understand that they need to work hard to win. And more importantly, they need to understand that they won’t always win. Hell, they might not even place. And that’s not a bad thing for kids to experience.

Failures are a NECESSARY part of life. We need to fail. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow. We don’t grow as individuals when everything is simply handed to us in the form of a trophy. Instead, we come to always expect greatness for mediocrity and become lost like a deer in headlights when a real challenge stares us right in the face.

That’s life. Bust your ass, work hard, and fucking EARN that trophy!

In other news, as you are reading this I’m starting my first day at my very first VFX gig in my new home of New York City! I have no idea what to expect, or even what the project is. But I’m really happy to have landed a gig so soon after I arrived. It’s a good sign, and a HUGE weight off my back.

Next, comes the apartment part…

I’m still in the process of trying to find my first place in New York, which is going to be a nice little challenge for myself. I’m currently staying at a friend’s place who is away on holiday for the month, and I might (hopefully) be subletting a room for the month of August. So it’s going to be a bit apartment hopping for the next couple of months until my stuff in California is shipped out there.

But hey, these are the moments and challenges in life that shape who we are. Afterall, I don’t expect to get a fucking trophy just for moving back to the US. I gotta work hard and make this happen!