Most people are surprisingly “okay-ish” at texting and walking at the same time, but a few too many of them won’t notice they are about to hit something until they are about two feet from making direct contact with oncoming traffic.

Personally, I’ll happily dodge and move through a crowd like I’m in an Assassin’s Creed game; but every once in a while I’ll come across someone who simply can’t be bothered to accept that there’s a whole wide world beyond the screen six inches from their face. You know they types of people I’m talking about…

The type of person who asks you at Starbucks if you can watch their computer while they go to bathroom without even waiting for you to say “Sure”. They simply assume you were put on this Earth to guard their stuff so they can poop in peace.

Those are the ones that when I see walking straight towards me, with their nose in their phones, I declare to myself “It’s on!”

I lock in on them and continue to power walk like a boss without giving the slightest hint of dodging or swaying. I’m officially committed to this one-sided game of Chicken. Will they see me through their peripheral vision? Or is their text about needing to buy more milk so engrossing that it will result crash so horrendous it makes a Michael Bay chase scene seem like child’s play.

Thankfully, through millions of years of human evolution, the brain is clever enough to “see” objects outside of our direct line of sight, and can control us to flinch instinctively, and deviate from an upcoming collision. A modern day development of the classic fight or flight.