Just goes to show no matter how well you prepare, life will always find a way to fuck with you.

I’ve taken a “survival kit” with me to the mall. And sure, I’m able to entertain myself by going to the bookstore and rummaging through a collection of novels I’ll never get around to reading, but after a while I will just get bored. Even with a phone loaded up with tons of entertainment at my disposal, I have a hard time enjoying it if I’m in a busy location surrounded by commerce.

There’s just something about the whole mall experience that makes my skin crawl. What used to be a fun experience as a kid has become an unholy chore. All I’m going to say is thank god for Amazon. It doesn’t have everything, but it has enough to keep me from needing to go to the mall. And that’s fine by me.

Question time, boys and girls: What’s in your survival kit? Something to help you survive that trip to the mall, or the in-laws, or any other place you know is going to be an absolute chore to sit through.



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