When I was a kid getting your hands on a Playboy Magazine was the be-all and end-all to any boy’s existence. Once you got your grubby little mitts on that one Playboy you were all set for the rest of your life. (Seriously, one issue could last you for years!)

These things were precious to a young boy in a world before the Internet and even the Maxim/FHM phase of the late 90s. A copy of a Playboy magazine was a POWERFUL force to a young boy. We would have done almost anything to get a glimpse of these strange things known as women that looked nothing like our mothers or teachers. It was amazing, wondrous, and a little scary.

Nowadays I’m not even sure what Playboy has become, but it probably doesn’t matter. The Internet has made it so easy for young boys to see naked women that I feel they can’t appreciate them as much as my generation did. We couldn’t just walk into a store and grab a copy; we had to become Batman-style detectives in order to hunt these magazines down. It was hard work, that sometimes took weeks of planning and cajoling.

But it was worth it.


So guys, how far did you have to go to find your first Playboy magazine? Was it a quest? A hunt? Or sheer dumb luck?

And ladies, based off today’s comic, how would you feel if you happened to stumble upon a dusty old Playboy magazine that had your mom posing in it?