Back in the mid-90’s, personal computers were making their way into our homes, mostly in the form of IBM-Compatible machines (remember that term?) running Windows 3.1. And while Steve Jobs had yet to make his triumphant return to Apple, many people yearned for an alternative to the Bill Gate’s OS. The answer came from IBM in the form of OS/2, the alternative operating system.



In a world of Windows 3.1, OS/2 was very different indeed. Rather than having shelves full of icons, you navigated through windows and folders structures, much like what Windows turned into in Win95. OS/2 was different, and a little off putting. It was difficult to install, it was slow, and it just wasn’t very friendly.

And then came OS/2 Warp.

Once again it was an icon-based environment, much like Windows 95, but offered something that was absolutely unheard of at the time: Multitasking. Being able to record audio WHILE listening to another audio, and having another program run side by side was absolutely mind blowing. The ease of being able to drag files around from one window to another made collecting your documents, files and programs an absolute breeze. It could even run your Windows 3.1 applications in a separate window.


Praise the almighty Atari god!

But then Windows 95 came out and with it came multitasking, sending OS/2’s claim to fame right down the pooper. It’s a shame, too. I hated OS/2, but grew to love OS/2 Warp. But in a world running on Windows 95 it just made more sense to go to uncle Bill.



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