I used to LOVE MacGyver when I was a kid. Absolutely loved it. The sheer madness and cleverness of how MacGyver was able to save the day without guns or violence was an inspiration to me and in a way set me off on a life long quest to always want to learn new things. You never knew when it could one day save your life.

Despite some of over the top shenanigans MacGyver would get into there was always SOME element to real science in the show; although the writers freely admitted that the situation would have to be ideal and at times certains things were exaggerated for dramatic effect. But the science was kinda in there.

A prime example of this was in the pilot episode where MacGyver stopped a chemical spill with a couple chocolate bars. The sugar in the bars would have reacted with the chemical and turned it into a solid sealant. In reality it would have taken A LOT more than just the two chocolate bars he was carrying, but the science was true.

The Mythbusters took MacGyver a step further and had an entire episode devoted to some of the most legendary MacGyverism of all time. I unfortunately haven’t seen the full episode so I can’t comment on this, but I’m willing to bet some of the MacGyverism were busted, including the much loved bamboo plane.

Seriously. A fucking plane made out of bamboo!