Virgil going to confessions? It’s not like it’ll really do him any good, but I just liked the idea of Virgil going to one. Made me laugh. And therefore it became today’s webcomic.

On the book front; by the time you read this The Frumps Volume 2 should be finalized and a proof has been ordered and on its way to my flat for a final approval. Once that’s taken care of I can finally call it DONE!

The book making process this year went by a lot quicker than last year. Now that I’m more comfortable InDesign, and more familiar with the Print On Demand service I use, this book took less time to put together.

It’ll make it’s debut at MCM London, then be available online. I’m really excited for this one. You can definitely see the vast improvements in the strips from Volume 1. From art to writing, Volume 2 is definitely a worthy follow up to the first book.