We hear them waiting in line. We hear them on public transportation. We even look at them funny when they tell us this is a private conversation they are having right out in public. But there is something about that cell phone that creates a strange protective bubble around us. Be it a conversation or a quick game of Angry Birds (or whatever it is the kids play these days), these devices block out the entire world well enough that you can hear some of the juiciest bits of gossip you know you shouldn’t be hearing.

What are some of the best conversations you’ve listened to?

In other news….

COMIC CON!!! Depending on when you read this I’m either on my way or already there. Partaking in the glory and funness (is that even a real word) that is Comic-Con. Unfortunately, due to the horrible US mobile market, and their lack of pay as you go SIM card plans (seriously, US, give the consumer better SIM card only options), I won’t be able to update via twitter like I did last year (unless there is a free WIFI signal again this year (brought to you by MTV’s Teen Wolf). But pictures a plenty shall be taken, and I’ll give you guys the follow up next week.