It’s been a while since I’ve done a sci-fi themed strip. I really enjoy making these and need to make an effort to come up with these types of strips more often.

In case you don’t recognize the setup; this is taken from Dune, the amazing sci-fi novel that has spawned countless books, video games, and even a few movies.

I was surprised by how well received my first Dune strip was, back when I posted it last year. It made its ways around a few Dune forums and spurred a couple of debates on it’s accuracy. (In my defense, trying to summary the Dune saga into a short webcomic is extremely difficult and to this day I’m still surprised by how well I was able to pull it off.)

I came across the strip a few days ago on a Dune Facebook fan page and really got a kick out of seeing it again in such a long time. I just HAD to make another one. I love making these. Be it Dune, or Tron, or some other sci-fi movie, these spoof strips are an absolute blast to make, and I love paying homage to these great works the best way I know how.

I don’t expect the majority of readers to understand today’s strip, but that’s alright. Today’s strip wasn’t made for the casual webcomic reader. It was made for us, the Dune fans.