I once heard that the only character in the Star Wars universe to actually hit everyone they aimed at was Princess Leia. Storm Troopers couldn’t hit squat, and every supporting cast seemed to have their fair share of hits and misses.

So when I heard back in 1997 that Greedo now shoots first, my first reaction was similar to everyone else’s: Why? Han was supposed to have fired the only shot. He’s a downright scoundrel. That’s what scoundrels do. But I won’t beat this dead horse anymore.

(Han shots first, and that’s how I’ll always remember it; and hopefully with Disney now owening Star Wars they’ll dig into the vaults and release the original unaltered trilogy on blu-ray (but I won’t hold my breath))

But I did wonder about one thing, how in the hell could Greedo miss from only two feet away. It got me thinking about that old fact that the only person in the Star Wars universe to actually hit all of her targets was Princess Leia. I mean jeez, she was even able to kill off a couple Storm Troopers after being shot in the shoulder in Return of the Jedi.

So cheers to you Princess Leia. You’re the most dangerous killer in the Star Wars universe.