I hate people who text or pull out their mobile phones while on a date. It’s a clear cut way of saying that I’m not interesting enough to keep you from looking at your phone for more than one hour of your time. Are you really that important? What was the text about? You need to respond back to your friends about some plans you are making for tomorrow? Do you need to pick up a cake for your company office party? Is your self inflated sense of self so large than even the most mundane of tasks can’t wait until you’re done wasting an hour with the guy you are with?

Now yes, of course there are exceptions. Family emergency. Friend in REAL trouble (not that “she’s having boy trouble” excuse). Or even being in charge of a team at work and people rely on your input for an upcoming project deadline. I get it. Sometimes you HAVE to excuse yourself.

But pulling out your phone just because you need to know the name of an actor on IMDB, or an upcoming event that’s 3 months away, is simply flat out rude. And you have just earned yourself few brief moments of silence as I mow down some pedestrians in GTA3 on my Galaxy S3.