It wasn’t very long ago when everyone and their mother was afraid of online theft. But now thanks to things like Facebook, we feel very comfortable sharing our most deepest of thoughts, just as long as you remember to set up your privacy settings.

But some things still bother some people. Electronic voting machines keep getting a bad rap because they are supposedly susceptible to hacks, which is true, but then again so is a Coke Machine if you know the right button combination on the front of the machine. And what’s saying that those stupid paper ballots are any less infallible.

Some people also have an issue with their medical information being online. How different is that from having ALL your credit information available to anyone with your social security number and 40 dollars? Your medical information online would be as private as your bank account, but you don’t complain about that being online, now do you?

Now, on the other end of the hypocritical statement, people seem to have absolutely NO problem jumping onto a free, non-secured, public wifi. Free Wifi is like a bug zapper for humans. They would rather go to a subpar coffee shop with free wifi, than a decent shop with wifi you have to pay for. (PAY FOR WIFI!?) And yet, many people still don’t have the basic idea of how to protect their computer from possible hacks. Granted most proper websites offer https, but there are still a few here and there that don’t. And let’s not forget those people who accidentally forgot to turn off their shared folders. Yeah, those are available. Oh, look. An itunes library is available as well for my listening pleasure. Thanks, buddy.

Am I being a little paranoid about one thing, and not paranoid enough about others? Probably. But if we’re going move forward into the 21st century we need to understand that technology shouldn’t be feared, but at the same time should assume it’s sometimes flawed.