I’m an optical disc guy. I prefer a disc over streaming.

Saying that, I haven’t walked into a video store in a while. I’ll admit they are a dying service that has been replaced by Netflix (both DVD and streaming), but please… “What’s a video store?” The only people who even remotely think that is clever are the same people who probably use a floppy disk as a coaster and think they are doing something cool.

We all know what a video store it. We all used to love going to our video store. It was a part of our childhood. Walking down ailses of wonder and potential. Would tonight’s adventure thrill you? Chill you? Excite you? Or leave you bored? You had no idea, and thousands upon thousands of video boxes would look at you hoping to be the one that was chosen. Now that feeling is gone. The treasure hunt of some unknown pick of the night is lost.

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