The other day I was downloading a file on my smart phone via wifi that only took about twenty minute. Not a big deal you say? This file was a gig and a half! A gig and a half, via wifi, in just 20 minutes. I remember a time when it took 30 minutes to download a 16 colored gif image of Spider-Man the size of a postage stamp! We’ve come so far, and yet it’s still not fast enough. We’ve become a culture of now, now, NOW.

I have to wait 20 seconds? Forget that!

In some ways we’ve progressed because of broadband, but in others we’ve developed less patience for everything else. And not just in our on-demand media culture. But in life. We’ve forgotten to simply take our time, and see what happens. We need to just chill. Be it now, 30 seconds from now, or 30 days from now, as long as the overall outcome is the same, then who the hell cares if you need to watch something RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE?

In other news, I recently started a Tumblr art blog for the Frumps. See some work in progress, and sneak peeks at upcoming strips.

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