I love Tron. It was the second movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve seen that movie more times than any other movie, second only to Star Wars (the first movie I’ve ever seen). It was the first DVD I ever purchased, and I even went to the 25th anniversary screening in Santa Monica; followed by an awesome panel that included the director, visual effect guys, and Bruce Boxleitner. Despite my love for it, I can’t deny that is has one of the silliest story lines I’ve ever heard: A man goes INTO a computer in order to prove that he invented a blockbuster video game. Yes, I know there is more to Tron than that. There is the religious undertone. There are the bad ass light cycles. There is a the groundbreaking use of visual effects. And overall it’s a fun visual spectacle (for it’s time). It captured the imagination of a world that knew next to nothing about computers.

I still can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Flynn backed his stuff up, or at the very least put a password on his computer. I mean seriously. Dillinger wasn’t all that bright. The password could have been “Password”, and it would have stumped him.

But that’s my 21st century mentality talking. Back in 1982 even the most brilliant of programmers couldn’t predict the computing standards of today.

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