What is this webcomic all about?


The Frumps is an adorably vulgar webcomic that follows Lance, Virgil, and Kim as they take on the world in their daily struggles through relationships, geekdom, and life in general.


Who are the characters?


The good-hearted geek with an almost childlike innocence to him. He enjoys the things all geeks should, such as comics, video games, science fiction movies, and boobs.

Although he has a sweet, innocent demeanor, Lance has been known to fall into fits of nerd rage over his hypocritical stance on modern day retellings of childhood franchises.

Sadly, he strikes out constantly in the ladies department, as he racks up an impressive number of bad dates. This leads to his unhealthy obsession with Friday evening pornography viewing sessions and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


The social deviant and all around rat bastard. He enjoys many of the simple things in life such as video games, alcohol, chasing women, and public indecency.

Once you get past Virgil’s criminal tendencies, and questionable morality, you will find that he’s your typical alpha male. His opinions are strong, harsh, and at times dangerous for the other person.

Despite his tough outer shell he deeply cares for his best friend, Lance, and has somehow managed to score himself an incredible beautiful, smart, and understanding girlfriend…


Kim is a no nonsense modern-day woman. Smart, independent, and sexy. She has a contemporary taste, with her eyes on the latest fashion trends and a successful career.


What happened to the “Blobs?”


The reason I created the Frumps to look they way they did was because they were quick and easy to draw. They were iconic, and easily recognizable, but they looked odd.


The biggest question about my comic is always, “What are they?” It happens so often, that the thing that was meant to make them iconic and recognizable ironically made them the focus of people’s attention. They just couldn’t get past the strange look long enough to appreciate the joke of the comic.

So I decided to try drawing more comics without the Frumps and use more humans, with the occasional cat. Those strips were getting a much better response! People were having an easier time relating to these comics and could focus more easily on the funny!

So I had to ask myself… Is the thing that makes them unique the thing that’s keeping it from growing?

I think it was.

So I changed them into the human characters you see today.