Hi, guys.

I decided to take the month of August off to focus in on settling into my new life in New York City.

I started a new job doing some interesting VFX work for an upcoming film, and I hope to make a good impression with this company to help build my reputation in New York City. So I’ve been busting my ass and taking as much overtime as I can, to strengthen my relationship with them as well as replenish my savings after the move from London.

I’m also in the process of signing a new lease, which means I’ll be making plenty of weekend trips to Ikea to help make my new apartment a comfortable home.

So things are coming together. Which is awesome. But I still don’t have a proper “daily routine” yet, which makes it hard to me to find the time to create a comic. And I would rather NOT put out a comic than give you something I pulled out of my ass at the last second.

Therefore I decided that it’s best to take August off and come back in September when, hopefully, things should be a little calmer in my life.

Thanks, guys, for your ongoing patience. It’s been rocky road since January but we’re almost there. I really think the light at the end of the tunnel is just within my grasp!