When I was a teenager, me and a buddy would talk about girls the way teenage boys would. It was mostly harmless teenage boy talk, but I’m sure if the girl’s father heard us talk about her he would have had a stern word with us about “respect”.

One day I asked my friend how he would feel if he had a daughter of his own, knowing the type of things teenage boys like us were thinking about at that moment. He jokingly said he would kill any boy who went near her, but that going after a teenage girl our own age “was different”.

Teenage logic.

dad shotgun

Now, we’re both in our 30s, he has two daughters and I asked him how he felt knowing that one day his daughters would be dating boys “like us when we were teenagers”. He smiled and jokingly said he would kill any boy that went near his daughters. I brought up the time when I asked him that same question when we were teenagers and he responded the way I knew he would: “This is different”.

I think we both had a good chuckle over that one.

So what about you guys? Any stories about overprotective dads? Or perhaps you became the overprotective dad you used to scoff at when you dated his daughter. I’d like to hear your stories.