Some companies will do ANYTHING to retain your business. Anything except making sure I’m happy with my current service. I honestly don’t care if you give me a discount on my service, or give me six months free. I would almost rather pay more money if you could guarantee my satisfaction. But instead they try to keep me “happy enough” so that I don’t pack my bags up and leave.

So tell me: Has anyone here been pissed off enough with a service that they cancelled it and left to the competition? Did it work out well, or did you regret it?



In other news, today I’m driving down to San Diego Comic-Con! It’s going to be AWESOME!! I’m looking forward to seeing some friends, checking out the amazing cosplay, and indulging myself in some pure geeky fun.

And best of all, Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be there to promote their return! YES!!!


I’ll be posting pictures and tweets from the Convention all four days so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see it all.