Deep inside all men want to be an action hero and save their damsel in distress. Be it from a cheesy 80s action movie, or an old fashioned knight from King Arthur’s court, most men wish they could impress their women with these over the top acts of heroism. Unfortunately the odds of that happening are almost nil, and we have to settle for smaller deeds. But funnily enough, it’s the smaller things that women seem to find the most appreciative.

The stuff that most men wouldn’t even consider a big deal are the things that mean the most to women. So while we might have fantasies of packing a heavy assault riffle and plowing through a room full of bad dudes to save our girl, we will probably score just as many brownie points if we bought her a flower once in awhile.


Guys, in just a few days MCM London Comic starts! Three days of absolute awesome geeky awesomeness is going to come down at the Excel Centre in London, and I’ll be right in the thick of it. Ready to sell you books, talk geek, and avidly discuss why Star Trek Into Darkness is absolute balls! I hope to see some of you there.