It’s true. I could probably have more fun on my couch than I can from my bed. But that’s just me.

Happy Friday, everyone.


In other news I’d like to show you guys the upcoming cover for my next book, The Frumps: A Field Guide to Women. It’s a smaller compilation of the dating/relationship strips I’ve had over the last two and a half years. Some of the strips are what you’ve seen in Volume 1 and the others will be in the upcoming Volume 2 (coming soon). The main idea behind this is to offer a smaller sized book at a lower price point for convention goers. People come up to my table. They see the Frumps. But they’re not too sure about taking the plunge with full sized book. This smaller book is my way of giving them a more convenient alternative to the main volumes.

But to make sure it’s not just a simple repackaging, I’m going to try and have a little fun with this book and go with the Field Guide theme. Still figuring that part out, but I’m having some fun coming up with idea with my good friend Javis from Legacy Control.

For right now, because it’s a repacking I’m only going to be offering it as a convention exclusive and also as an extra bonus for Patreon subscribers at the book club levels.

But don’t worry, for those of you who want the new strips post Volume 1, but don’t want to subscribe on Patreon, Volume 2 should be here by May.


(Oh, and did I mention that Patreon subscribers at the book club levels will be personally thanked and mentioned in this upcoming book? Yup. It’s true!)