You’re an adult. You’ve been an adult for a while. And every once in a while you indulge in one of those things you’ve never had a kid. A toy you’ve always wanted. A movies you’ve always wanted to see but weren’t allowed. Or the chance to sleep high above the floor!

When I was in college I built a bed loft back in my parents house so that I could fit my entire “life” underneath and never have to leave my room. An inflatable chair. 13 inch TV, with VCR. And a Gateway 2000 computer (with DVD player!). It was all right there and all located under my bed. It was AWESOME!!! Of course that’s something that’s best left behind for when I was a kid. Now I’m an adult and the idea of climbing down from bed to get to work seems more problematic than it’s worth.

Unless I install a Ghostbusters style firepole!

Woo! Now we’re talking.

What about you guys? Any childhood dreams you’ve fulfilled now that you have the resources of adulthood at your disposal?