I love this strip so damn much. Everything from the crotch grab, to the lactating cow in the background. I just freaking love it!

In other news I just came from another open-mic night and it felt AWESOME!!! I was really happy with my performance and even got a couple chuckles from the audience. I did lose my footing a little bit towards the end, but I’m perfectly okay with that. Overall it was a fun night and a nice change of pace from the couple bombs I had.

I changed my set up a little bit to bring back some of the energy and performance that was missing from my last few sets. People seemed to enjoy that so I found ways to give me an excuse to move around rather just stand there and talk. It seemed to work out okay, so I’ll give this set a go for a few more nights.

And by the time this goes live, I’ll be less than 36 hours away from flying back to Los Angeles for a much needed holiday, and a quick side trip to San Diego Comic-Con. There will be tons of pictures so be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram to check out the latest from Comic-Con. I can’t freaking wait.