I’ll just come out and say it. I think this whole “Organic Food” thing is utter bullshit.

There is no proof that Organic food is neither better nor more harmful for you. It’s simply more expensive because it costs more to produce, and Whole Foods needs to make sure it keeps its stock holders happy by beating expectations quarter after quarter. (By the way I actually like Whole Foods, but don’t frequent it very often. I do like the superior inflated sense of self I feel when I walk down those aisles. It’s intoxicating. Like going to a classy strip club.)


And with over 6 Billion people on the planet, we need every dirty trick in the book to be able to produce enough food to feed everyone. So for those of you who just had to have that big family and contribute to the overpopulation problem, good for you! You’re part of the reason your food is “poisoned”.

But hey, if you enjoy spending more money on something then go for it! I’m not going to stop you. I do the same thing with certain things, such as special edition video games or blu-rays. Sure the content is exactly the same, but I do occasionally enjoy getting the extras that come with the higher costs.


Except that my “Extra Content” is real and tangible, like that Lara Croft action figure that came with my Collector’s Edition of Tomb Raider, as opposed to a supposed feel good placebo effect some of you claim to experience when you bite into an “organic” apple as opposed to a regular ol’ apple that only underprivileged people eat.