What the…?

Is that Virgil? Why yes, I do believe it is. The Frumps are coming back from their tiny holiday, and I’m happy to see them return.

Recently, time has been VERY tight for me, so I took a tiny departure from The Frumps to focus on the B&W comics for a short while, but I’m missing the adorably vulgar humor so I’m glad to bring them back.

(Although time is still super TIGHT, (still doing Open Mic Comedy, and this movie I’m working on is delivering in about three weeks) and I only have the next two strips completed as opposed to my usual ten, so I’m not quite out of the woods yet. But I can’t keep using the B&W strips as a crutch, and honestly this site is about The Frumps, while the B&W strips are supposed to be the “extra” content.)

The B&W are still fun for me, and hopefully they have been for you so I’ll continue to use them every Wednesday (and when time is tight!) to give you a different type of humor. They also allow me the chance to practice drawings humans and other animals that I normally don’t have time for when I draw a normal 3 panel strip, which is always a good thing for me, as an artist, in the long run.

Anyways, I’ve rambled long enough. Have a great weekend everyone!