I put out free content online. Which means I get my fair share of trolls.

Trolls are usually people who are going through a difficult time in their lives and use the anonymity of the internet to help them feels better about themselves by kicking someone else around. And those guys I pity. I know how frustrating life can be, where you’re pushed to a point were your just itching for a fight to help release some stress. And I try to keep that in mind when I receive a comment.

I’ll admit it. They can hurt. Sometimes real bad. And sometimes I wonder if they are right. Then a day or two later I pick myself back up more determined than ever to improve my craft in an “I’ll show you bastards” type of way.

Sometimes I respond in a calm manner which can actually lead to a pleasant conversation and a mutual understanding, which is always a nice outcome.

And other times trolls are fucking dick holes who should be kicked straight in the gonads with an absolute vengeance.

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